RedBear IT is a Cloud Services company who enable our customers to migrate to and innovate on Cloud. We are a growing Melbourne based company with large and small customers, both start-ups and established. RedBear IT is known for building high quality solutions for our customers. We also provide a managed service and we are specialists in Cloud security. We need another Cloud Engineer to help us continue to deliver exceptional service.

RedBear IT is looking for an engineer to join our team. We cherish critical thinkers, engineers who can work with a challenge or a problem and see it through to the end. We don’t like to do things twice. So, if you like developing automation and letting the machines do the boring work, RedBear IT is a great place to do that. Our customers value our expertise so you will need to be able to craft a design and make it happen. As a growing
organisation, we often wear many hats. From coding automation, to designing and presenting solutions, to solving operational issues for our customers. Sometimes you’ll be working on our services, other times you’ll be delivering on projects for new and existing customers.

What’s the technical wrap?

We are looking for an engineer with a passion for automation in the AWS Cloud. Our preference is to use Python and Lamdba for our coding and CloudFormation for infrastructure as code. We often make use of APIs for integration so experience with either writing or using them is a benefit. Like any good coder, we believe in source control, such as github or bitbucket. Analytics drive our managed service and security solution. We are looking for someone with exposure and understanding of any of Sumologic, Splunk, Hadoop, Athena, SQL and general data analysis. Ideally you will understand what it takes to provide highly available, highly resilient and secure solutions for Enterprise customers. You don’t need to be a security guru. However, you do need to be thinking about security with every decision you make for our customers.

Do you want to know more?

Please get in contact if you are interested in knowing more and taking your next step.

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