ME Bank’s Amazon Hybrid Cloud Jump-starts Transformation Project


ME Bank is a leader among the ‘challenger’ bank group of the Australian banking and finance sector experiencing continued growth leveraging their simple, low-cost and fair banking products approach. ME Bank embarked on a Digital Transformation Program to build a modern banking platform to support business goals. Critical to this program was a replacement of the Bank’s core banking system and a refresh of related IT infrastructure.

As it had become apparent that the required development and testing environments would exceeded the existing infrastructure’s available capacity Amazon Web Services was chosen to provide necessary environments.

RedBear IT implemented a Hybrid Cloud environment avoiding a costly project delay.

What we did?

We developed a fit for purpose Hybrid Cloud architecture that met the objectives of the Digital Transformation requirements and protected the banks interests. This incorporated procedural processes, operational policy, use of AWS capabilities and tools, implications of importing existing infrastructure, operational management and APRA requirements. This Hybrid cloud roadmap allowed ME Bank to prioritise items that needed consideration for ME Bank to deploy into the Amazon Web Services environment in a sustainable fashion.

Amazon Case Study

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