Cloud Security Maturity Self-Assessment

From RedBear’s assessment of many cloud environments through a security lens, our proven methodology can quickly increase your cloud security posture on the below Cloud Security maturity model through several levels to better protect your reputation and your client’s data.

How would you rate your Cloud Security maturity?

5 Pro-active

Threat Hunter

Continuous security validation of your services is achieved through automated security testing, vulnerability assessment and early involvement of the security teams.

4 Automated

In Control

Using automation to remediate the majority of issues you are able to concentrate on high value incidents, unusual activity and building new automation.

3 Targeted

Managing Targeted Notifications

By implementing SIEM analytics to identify notifications that need to be investigated you are receiving a manageable number of actionable alerts and can respond quickly to incidents to determine a response.

2 Swamped

Alert Fatigue

You’ve turned on notifications and alerting, receiving hundreds of notifications a day. You don’t know what to do or how to prioritise. There’s a high chance that you will miss important notification

cloud security maturity self-assessment

1 Not Watching

Flying Blind

Security services are enabled and logging data, however no one is watching consoles or logs to see if there are any issues. You have limited capability to respond to an incident. Analysis is performed as a post incident exercise.

0 Not Enabled

Operating in the Cloud

Security services are not enabled. Security and audit logging is not enabled, You are in an environment that has over 40 security services available but you aren’t using them.

-1 Legacy

Not on Cloud

It’s difficult and costly to have complete visibility of changes to the environments or to automate a security response. You can’t support dynamic workloads and rapid change as your legacy environment won’t allow you to do that securely.

Do you want to understand your current Cloud Security maturity?

Are you ready to understand where you are on the Cloud Security maturity pyramid? Let RedBear help you identify your current security posture and where your organisation needs to be. Contact us for an assessment of your AWS security and your current maturity.

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