Effective Transition to the Cloud

Are you looking to adopt the Cloud but you aren’t sure how to start and what it means for your organisation? Our Cloud Transition service covers the people, process and technology changes required for a successful Cloud Migration

Wherever you are on your journey to Cloud, from just starting out to getting serious about a migration to cloud, the relevant technical and business issues & risks need careful planning.

From inception through to implementation we are a safe pair of hands to guide, connect and migrate your existing IT Infrastructure to new Cloud based services, safely, securely and quickly.

The Process

1. Strategy and Objectives

Is the Cloud deployment a driving force or is it an underlying dependency for your business objectives? Identify the objectives, business drivers, business case, desired outcomes and time frames for your Cloud journey. A cloud strategy and migration strategy need not be extensive and encumbering but it will save time, money and false starts and reduce risk and re-work. Fit for purpose and relevant is the key to success.

2. Establish Foundations

Foundations incorporates constructing an automated landing zone and related eco-system elements for security and scalability. This includes account establishment, alerting and monitoring, account billing and governance frameworks.

3. Network Connectivity and Security

Design and develop the network topology, Cloud connectivity and security capabilities that provide protection of your systems aligned to your existing security profile.

4. Environment Management, Migration and Data Protection

Overall environment and cost management, tool selection, configuration management, capacity modelling and migration of target workloads including appropriate data protection solutions.

5. Optimising and Re-architecture

Migration planning for workloads will identify the optimal migration approach for each workload, from re-architecting for Cloud through to re-purchasing a SaaS based solution. Improvement, optimisation and where necessary, re-architecture of applications or infrastructure elements relevant to cloud operation.

6. Cloud Governance

Cloud governance is the people, process and technology related to Cloud infrastructure, services, operations, and security. It is a set of policies and processes that form an overarching framework for forming the guidance and guardrails for the implementation and operations of the Cloud services.

Cloud Strategy

At RedBear, we continue to see the rapid growth of Cloud computing and while there are many paths you can take to migrate to the Cloud, we help provide the most effective, secure and least disruptive.

Irrespective of what stage you are with your Cloud journey, many of our clients initially came to us because they were often held back by the uncertainty and perceived risks of security, migration, and managing their operations on Cloud.

You need an experienced partner to navigate the complexities and smooth the pathway to higher performance. We understand the complications—and benefits— associated with intertwining legacy systems and Cloud solutions.

At RedBear, we have a clear vision of a customer centric future that the Cloud is leading us toward. We combine our insights with our industry knowledge to drive innovation and transform complex environments into scalable and manageable solutions.

Cloud Migration

At RedBear, our customer Cloud migration service helps clients evaluate which applications should be moved to the Cloud, and when, by providing a practical migration roadmap and scalable methods for moving small or large application portfolios to Cloud. Our focus is to ensure that each application is done efficiently and securely to get your applications into the Cloud as practically as possible.

Combining our experience in application modernisation, infrastructure and security, we work with clients to assess each application for readiness for the Cloud. We will work with you to plan and implement the migration to ensure it is as smooth and disruption free as possible.

cloud migration

Our assessment and discovery will define a migration approach for each of the workloads against the ‘6R’ patterns of migration. Determining an appropriate approach is taken on a per-application basis with migration progressing at the application level. Several discovery tools are used, such as the AWS Application Discovery Service, that provide insights into the potential complexity of any application migration.

HRG Australia is the Australian division of an international corporate travel services company. The international roll out of a new key business application was a miss match with existing regional IT infrastructure and systems.

RedBear IT saved approximately $1 million in planned capital expenses to satisfy new application requirements.

– Steve Ash from HRG Australia



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