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Your Cloud Transition

With increasing infrastructure requirements for dynamic load management, increased agility and decreased cost, organisations are exploring cloud options to streamline IT operations and increase IT value to business. Considerations of partial or full migration to cloud or an extension to existing IT services, needs careful planning to work through technical and business issues, options and risks.

Whether you are already committed to your cloud migration, made initial steps, or just working through the benefits, let us accelerate what will cloud do for your business.

Which Way to Go?

Most projects fall into two primary strategies, Hybrid or ‘All in’. The most relevant strategy is determined by a number of factors such as size and age of organisation, number and complexity of applications, communications, business drivers, compliance, existing IT environment and the goal or vision you seek.

With such nebulous terminology it is no surprise that business communities can be confused. Simply, a hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment in which an organisation provides some IT services and resources internally and has others provided externally.


Go All In !

Typically for organisations that are smaller, newer and have less IT complexity or have already completed candidate application suitability assessment can go ‘All in’ or a complete transition into cloud therefore bypassing any kind of a Hybrid transitioning stage.
Also suitable for organisations that have an inflexible business driver such as hardware or data centre end of lease, or other specific circumstances.

Go Hybrid Cloud!

For most medium to enterprise organisations with existing infrastructure environment/s that will need to be available in the immediate future, a Hybrid Cloud provides the ability to safely connect both your existing legacy infrastructure and new cloud based services concurrently and then create a transition plan aligned to desired outcomes.
A staged process provides immediate benefits with simpler migrations and objectives, whilst complexity can be untangled and workloads evaluated and optimised.

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Go! Effective Transition to Cloud

Leveraging our expertise and experience, RedBear IT has developed and proven a methodology called RedBear GO! that provides a pathway to cloud services for businesses of all of all sizes. Our cloud transition framework delivers the right balance between a high quality outcome, customisation relevant to your business, and repeatable practices. This accelerates return on investment, and minimises risk to achieve your objective sooner.

1. Strategy and Objectives

Initial strategy and objectives, business drivers, business case, desired outcomes, time frames and the best way for this to be achieved. Is the cloud deployment a driving force or subservient to another business initiative? A cloud strategy need not be extensive and encumbering. Fit for purpose and relevant is the key to success.

3. Network Connectivity and Security

VPN end point selection, network topology, cloud connection selection, security group design and all key functions that provide relevant protection of your systems aligned to your existing security profile.

5. Optimising and Re-architecture

Improvement, optimisation and where necessary, re-architecture of applications or infrastructure elements relevant to cloud operation.


2. Establish Foundations

Foundations incorporates constructing the required customer interface and related eco-system elements for scalability including account establishment, responsibilities, alerting and monitoring, account billing and management frameworks.

4. Environment Management, Migration and Data Protection

Overall content and cost management, tool selection, configuration management, capacity modelling and migration of target workloads including appropriate data protection solutions.

6. People, Policy and Process

To complete the picture people, policy and process are all equally important elements in the ability for any technology change project to succeed short and long term. Aligned to organisation goals of  system and environmental management.

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