It’s only Tuesday here at re:Invent 2018 in Las Vegas but with all the action and announcements, it feels like we have been here a month. Our coverage continues today with more announcements.

CloudWatch Log Insights

CloudWatch has been a mainstay of the AWS Cloud for a long time. It provides access to metrics and logs and can be used as a trigger for notifications or actions. Until now, any deep analysis has required ingestion of the logs into a third party tool such as SumoLogic. SumoLogic is a very rich data analytics platform that has powerful tools to analyse the data and provide dashboards and insights.

Today AWS announced Log Insights for CloudWatch. It provides interactive queries and visualisation as a a fully managed service. Similar to SumoLogic, it provides an interactive query language to enable aggregation and field extraction.

This may prove to be a service that is good enough to provide insights for smaller account or those with less sophisticated requirements without the need for any additional tools.

Look out for a coming blog post where we compare the capabilities of this new service with SumoLogic.

Private Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace has been around for over 6 years. It’s a great way to get access to software solutions from a large eco-system of providers.

Today’s announcement of Private Marketplace at re:Invent 2018 extends that by adding the ability to create a custom catalog of approved software solutions as a private marketplace. It supports the ability to add your own branding, such as logos and descriptions. It’s a very neat way to create a service catalog for third party solutions for your organisation.

Fast as, bro?

Is your network speed holding you back? Do you need to be able to cram more data down the wire? You need 100Gb/s networking. From today at re:Invent 2018 you can, with the release of EC2 instances that support this super high speed network. Designed for high performance computing, the first of these is the C5n . It will initially be supported by Linux kernels.

Once you’ve sorted out the network, what about the storage? AWS has also announced a doubling of performance for EBS volumes. You can now get 64 000 provisioned IOPS and similar performance gains for general purpose volumes.

AWS Global Accelerator

Are you looking to go global with your solution? Do you have a requirement to recover to an alternate AWS region in the event of a disaster (assuming your data sovereignty rules won’t be impacted)?

AWS Global Accelerator is a new network service that provides the ability to route traffic globally, improving performance and availability. It uses AWS’s high speed network to direct the traffic from the edge to your applications. Global Accelerator allocates a pair of static Anycast IPs that will never change. In the event of a region failover, end users continue to access your application through the same IP. No DNS or routing changes are required. Any application with high performing, low latency requirements is likely to benefit from this new service.

But wait there’s more

Do you want cheap, scale out compute? Have a look at the new A1 instances powered by a new ARM based CPU developed by AWS.

Do you still need to support SFTP? If you do, AWS now has a managed service for that, AWS Transfer for SFTP!

Are you developing robotic technology? It’s complex and expensive. Perhaps you need to look at the new RoboMaker service. This new service will help you to develop, test, and deploy robot solutions. You can develop your code inside of a cloud-based development environment, test it in a simulator, and then deploy it to your robots army.

Ground Control to Major Tom

The truth is out there. Well, at least the satellites are and they are big business now. However, with big business comes big cost. Believe it or not, AWS now has a service for that. No, you can’t buy satellites by the hour but you can use the new Ground Control service announce at re:Invent 2018.

Ground Control will allow you to ingest and process data streams from your orbiting satellites. AWS has built 2 Ground Control sites and is planning to have 12 in operation by mid-2019. It’s not science fiction. It’s real. In fact, I was chatting to a customer who has been developing the service with AWS over the last 6 months! It’s going to save them millions in terrestrial infrastructure.

That’s a wrap from another full day. Stay tuned for more updates during the week.

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