Securing AXIchain’s AWS environment


About AXIchain

AXIchain are an Australian owned company, founded in 2018, on a mission to streamline and simplify the old, manual disconnected domestic and international supply chain.

AXIchain aim to make complex trading systems simple and efficient, reduce costs for producers, create efficiencies and enhance traceability for all supply chain participants. They want to make domestic and international trading simple, so even the smallest producers can have direct access to local and international markets. AXIchain are pulling the currently outdated and complicated paper-driven supply chain into the new digital landscape – piece by piece. From farm to fork, their technology is created with all parts of the supply chain in mind – every step of the way.

What was the customer problem or opportunity?

AXIchain has grown rapidly from a start-up to having a unique product in the marketplace. Their workloads are all running in the AWS Cloud. The nature of the workloads means that the data they hold is of both a personal nature and commercially sensitive.

While focussing on developing the product, AXIchain had a need for a specialist security partner to validate the security of their workloads in AWS, providing recommendations and remediations to reduce risk. AXIchain’s solution runs fully within the AWS Cloud and includes EC2, Containers on ECS, RDS and Lambda.

How did RedBear deliver the solution?

RedBear IT was engaged to perform a CIS based security and AWS Well Architected Framework assessment of the AWS solution. The assessment resulted in a level of remediation work being undertaken to ensure a more robust and secure environment for their applications and websites. This also included migrating the workloads to a new multi-account Landing Zone style solution, further protecting the applications.

This included key upgrades to the security components, including implementation of AWS security services such as encryption and monitoring services such as AWS WAF, CloudTrail, Config, GuardDuty and VPC Flow Logs and enforced encryption of storage. In addition we implemented security for their container based workloads including image scanning and security monitoring of the container platform and running services.

What was the outcome for the customer?

The result is a more secure solution for AXIchain, protecting their customers and their data. In addition, RedBear has implemented a standardised approach across multiple accounts and workloads (both EC2 and container based) to simplify management, improve security and reduce cost of the solution.

Case study developed by: Jem Richards,  CTO and AWS APN Global Ambassador
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