AWS’s re:Invent is still almost a week away but the pre re:Invent announcement have started. Here’s the first of our round ups of the key announcements.


Two key updates were announced for CloudFormation, a key tool in enabling infrastructure as code.

System Manager

We have been fans of Systems Manager for a while. It’s been improving as an essential operational tool for the last few years now. As of this week, it’s even better!

SSO support for the CLI

AWS SSO is a very handy service for multi-account access. It enabled role based access to accounts in an organisation. As a result, individual IAM accounts are not required in each AWS account, simplifying the management of your user access. One of the shortcomings was a lack of support for CLI based access. Of course, you could enable that, but it was clunky. It required logging in to the console. Then, it required cutting and pasting credentials into a terminal. Overall, it was not seamless!

Now, that CLI support has been added to SSO. It’s an important addition to support automation across accounts.

Storage, storage, storage

There were heaps of updates to AWS’s storage services. Some of our highlights include:

  • Native support for multi-AZ for the FSx for Windows file system;
  • Storage de-duplication, reducing storage costs for FSx;
  • Finally, fast snapshot restore provides the ability to spin up EBS volumes from snapshots far quicker than before.

EC2 lifecycling

This was probably our favourite pre re:Invent announcement. AWS has added the ability to lifecycle EC2 instances in an ASG.

We are advocates for regularly recycling internet facing instances for security reasons. If you can replace a device with a known good image, you don’t have to worry about patching it for example. RedBear have been using custom code to do that for some of our customers. Now, we can use the native support and retire that custom code.

More pre re:Invent updates to come

Part 2 of the announcements can be found at

If you want to understand some more about these new features and how they might apply to you, please get in contact with us.

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