It’s no coincidence that security was the first specialist global conference that AWS announced. Re:Inforce was first introduced back at re:Invent in late 2018 (although it was pipped at the post time wise by the Machine Learning conference, re:MARS, held earlier this month). The first re:Inforce event is in Boston this week and RedBear are here on the ground. We like to make sure the solutions we develop for own customers are secure by design. We believe that the AWS platform is the foundation to do just that.

This new global security conference runs for 2 days in Boston, focussing on security, identity, and compliance solutions through innovations from AWS and its key partners. As one of the most capable Cloud Security firms focussing on AWS in Australia, we are excited to be here to understand how we can enhance our security offering to our customers.

A tale of two conferences

While the initial reason we decided to come all the way from Australia was to attend re:Inforce, Rapid7 also decided to host their customer conference in the same week. Rapid7’s headquarters are in Boston and their Boost event will run the day before re:Inforce. Rapid7 are one of RedBear’s premium partners delivering solutions in vulnerability management, cloud SIEM and application security for example.

We are very privileged to be able to spend time with two of our most important partners in the same week.

Secure by design, you say?

We never cease to be excited by the security automation capabilities of the AWS Cloud. We love it even more when AWS makes it even easier to ensure our customers are secure. Take the recent announcement of encryption of EBS and RDS volumes by default. While it’s alway been possible to encrypt these volumes, it’s was a multi-step process. With a recent announcement, that has all changed. Now with one simple action, you can make sure that all new volumes are encrypted. Add continuous reporting on any unencrypted volumes and you have a beautifully simple solution that ticks many compliance boxes.

It only adds to the 18 major and significant security services already provided by AWS.

Hear all about re:Inforce

We will be sharing our thoughts during the week so stay tuned on your favourite channels for updates!

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