Performing a security assessment for Perx Health

perx health

About Perx Health

Perx Health is a digital healthcare company building the world’s highest-engagement programs for daily condition management.

Their world-class engagement and proprietary behavioural science deliver results for all types of patients regardless of their level of health literacy, socioeconomic status and/or complex co-morbidity. Perx is proven to improve clinical health outcomes in peer-reviewed research and generate strong return on investment by delivering healthcare cost savings for our large enterprise customers.

What was the customer problem or opportunity?

As a digital health care company, Perx is responsible for managing highly sensitive data on behalf of its customers. With a recent expansion into the US healthcare market, Perx had a need to perform security vulnerability assessment of its public facing assets. In addition, they were looking to be compliant with SOC2 and wanted to ensure that their environments and operations were ready for achieving this level of certification.

The Perx Health platform is wholly hosted on AWS. It consists of patient facing mobile apps and back-end administrations solutions used by insurers and healthcare providers.

How did RedBear deliver the solution?

RedBear IT was engaged to perform vulnerability assessment of the web applications and API, a CIS based security review and a security focussed AWS Well Architected Framework assessment of the AWS solution.

The assessments confirmed a strong base level of security but also provided recommendations for a more robust and secure environment for Perx’s applications and websites. Perx was able to implement against those recommendations.

What was the outcome for the customer?

The result is an enhanced level of confidence in the security of Perx’s solutions, protecting their customer’s data from undesired access. This has allowed Perx to satisfy new customer requirements and further its growth into new markets.

RedBear IT were incredibly helpful in their security assessment of Perx Health’s systems. They gave us insightful feedback about our security posture and were thorough in their investigation of our architecture and systems. With their detailed reports we were able to have confidence in the security of our platforms and create a blueprint to ensure we have the correct controls in place to maintain and improve that security posture into the future and through Perx’s next phase of growth.

Case study developed by: Jem Richards,  CTO and AWS APN Global Ambassador
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