It’s that re:Invent time of year again. Like everything 2020, it’s all a little different this year. re:Invent 2020 has gone virtual!

At RedBear we would normally be scurrying around getting ourselves ready for our annual trip to Vegas. re:Invent 2020 would have been our seventh visit to the event, having first attending the second ever running in 2013! We’d be pondering how to get through the late nights and the jetlag on questionable coffee. See our survival guide from last year.

Not more screens

Oh no, not more screen time in 2020! Yes, sadly, virtual means more screens. In the year of COVID, 55 000 people packing the halls of the Las Vegas casinos isn’t a pretty look. Even if it was to be an in-person event, flights from Australia to the US are rarer than cashing out at Vegas in the black. Even worse are your chances of getting back! What’s that? You don’t fancy 14 days cooped up in hotel quarantine? And guess who’s paying…

So it’s off to the screens we go!

Every Cloud

Of course, there’s an upside to a virtual re:Invent. If no jetlag and good coffee doesn’t swing it for you, then how about the cost? This year, re:Invent is free! But the best news? The sessions are being played across 3 timezones. For those of us down under, it means sessions are running during business hours!

Tell me more

You might need to word up your boss and colleagues! The event runs for 3 days a week (Wednesday to Friday) for 3 weeks, starting on 2nd December. In general sessions are running from around 10am to 6pm AEST.

There’s also the keynotes which are not to be missed. They are spread throughout the 3 weeks. Andy Jassy (CEO) and the Partner keynote land in the first week. Infrastructure and the new Machine Learning keynote fill out the second week. Werner Vogels wraps up the keynotes in the final week. The keynotes are always a highlight, with many new cool and interesting services and major enhancements announced.

How do I get started?

Register for the event at

Once the final agenda of sessions is released we will highlight some of the ones that has us exciting across a bunch of different areas. It’s always hard to chose but this year we won’t have to factor in how we get from one casino to another in 15 minutes!

Stay tuned for further updates on re:Invent 2020 and remember to (virtually) strap in for the ride!

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